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Year Round Dental Work

Did you know that many dental studies suggest that going to the dentist twice a year is a surefire way to ensure a healthy set of teeth and gums for the rest of your days? Some people opt to only go to the dentist when they are experiencing problems or pain. However, if you see dentists in Los Angeles  for teeth cleanings, preventative care, and regular maintenance, you can avoid issues that can become huge problems in the future. At California Dental Care and Calabasas Dental Group, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care for your every need.

Dr. Farzad Feiz, the leader of both Beverly Hills dentist offices, offers a wide array of dental services. Along with general care like teeth cleanings, oral exams, and x-rays, we have cosmetic, orthodontic, periodontal, sleep apnea & TMJ treatments. With the help of California Dental Care and Calabasas Dental Group, you don’t have to go to more than one office to get full-service dental care for every member of the family. We also have a team of specialists, such as an oral surgeon, orthodontist, endodontist, and periodontist, who are available to come to our office in service of your dental needs.

For those looking for general dentists in Los Angeles, look no further than California Dental Care and Calabasas Dental Group. We are dedicated to providing affordable dental care for patients of all ages and backgrounds. It’s our mission to ensure the comfort of our patients so they continue to prioritize good dental health. Call today to book an appointment.