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Wisdom Tooth Removal West Los Angeles

For anyone experiencing wisdom teeth pain, it’s important to find a dentist you can trust for wisdom tooth removal in West Los Angeles. Dr. Farzad Feiz of Calabasas Dental Group and California Dental Care is an expert at these procedures, and in making patients as comfortable as possible during the process.

If you feel tooth pain of any kind, it’s important to make a dentist appointment right away. We’ll do our best to get to you as quickly as possible but, while you’re getting ready to see the best dentist in Los Angeles, you can dull the pain with over-the-counter pain relief medication and ice packs. Another temporary pain relief method is to rinse your mouth with a salt-water solution.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in West Los Angeles and Calabasas

When you have wisdom teeth pain in West Los Angeles or the Western San Fernando Valley, Dr. Feiz may be the best choice available as he has been performing these kinds of procedures for decades. When appropriate, the surgical process is fairly routine, usually taking less than an hour to complete. However, the pain relief methods, which typically includes sedation, will have some mind-altering after effect, so it’s a must to have a designated driver ready to get you home after the procedures. Procedures are typically followed by some swelling and discomfort, but that usually be handled with mild pain relievers and will be relatively short-lived.

The Whys and Wherefores of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom tooth extraction is typically performed before patients enter their twenties to avoid their wisdom teeth becoming impacted – pressed together with other teeth. Dental impaction can often cause severe pain and other problems, and there is a real potential for long term damage. However, some patients either opt out of getting their wisdom teeth removed or never address the issue in the first place – and some live to regret their choice. Thus, it is better to consult a dentist sooner rather than later in regards to wisdom teeth.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a relatively quick procedure, though not necessarily simple. There are cases in which the tooth in question is fractured or even shattered and needs to be removed in multiple pieces. In the event that the patient’s wisdom teeth have damaged surrounding teeth, additional work may be necessary to either restore or replace those teeth as well. These types of operations require only the most skilled dentists, like our own Dr. Feiz, to both diagnose and perform.

If you are in need of wisdom tooth extraction in Los Angeles, Dr. Feiz and his staff of friendly and well-trained dental professionals are happy to answer your questions and explore treatment options with you.

An Expert for All Your Dental Needs

Dr. Feiz and the team at California Dental Care and Calabasas Dental Group offer the full range of dental services. Offerings include preventive, cosmetic, restorative, orthodontic, and periodontal treatments, as well as treating sleep apnea and TMJ. Among the cosmetic procedures offered are tooth bondings, bridges, dentures, crowns, inlays/onlays, teeth whitening, and veneers. When you need a general dentist in Los Angeles for any reason, Dr. Feiz is ready to help.

Dr. Feiz cares about the comfort of patients of all ages, whether they’re an anxious adult or fidgety child. Our team works hard to create an environment that washes away any nervousness our patients may have about going to a dentist in Culver City, West L.A. or the San Fernando Valley. Dr. Feiz also stays up to date with the latest technology in the dental field.

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If you have wisdom tooth pain or need a general dentist, contact our offices today to make an appointment with Dr. Farzad Feiz. He cares about your comfort.

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