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The Family Dentist in Calabasas for All Ages

When searching for the perfect dental clinic near your home, you want to make sure you have your whole family covered. You’ve looked at nearly every dentist in the greater Los Angeles area, but you haven’t found an office that can keep your teeth sparkling, your child’s teeth in line, and even help grandma and grandpa with their dental health. There’s one Calabasas dentist, however, who can do it all – Farzad Feiz, DDS, opened both California Dental Care and Calabasas Dental Group just for people like you. With one clinic conveniently located in Calabasas, and the other conveniently located in Beverly Hills, you can easily set up an appointment for high quality, affordable dental treatments.

If your child struggles with dental phobia, you need a family dentist in Calabasas who has a great reputation for working with kids. Dr. Feiz is a leading pediatric dentist, and his team has years of experience helping children develop lifelong oral hygiene skills. However, you too can set up your dental care with Dr. Feiz – and when your child sees you receiving dental care from the same dentist, they are more likely to be calm during appointments. Dr. Feiz can even help rebuild your smile after you’ve struggled with an injury or illness, and need deep cleaning, dental bridges, or even bone grafts.

When you’re searching for top-notch Calabasas dentistry, look no further than Calabasas Dental Group and California Dental Care. Contact Dr. Feiz and his friendly and knowledgeable team to set up your first appointment for yourself, your child, or anyone else in the family.