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The Brentwood Dentist for All Your Needs

If you live on the Westside, a Brentwood dentist is probably more convenient than a Hollywood-based dentist. However, your dentist in Brentwood might not specialize in veneers, and may refer you to a specialist all the way on the other side of town. Similarly, if you’re in the West Valley, then a Calabasas dentist is going to be a lot easier to get to than one in, say, North Hollywood. Instead of spending your whole day dealing with your dental care, stay with one dental group. Dr. Farzad Feiz, DDS, who founded both California Dental Care in West Los Angeles, and the Calabasas Dental Group in Calabasas so that families on both sides of the hill can easily get the treatments they need.

In Los Angeles porcelain veneers are a hot topic for dentists and a great many of their patients. These thin porcelain implants can make teeth look outstanding – they correct many superficial problems like misalignments, or off-colored teeth. However, few patients completely understand how veneers work, and they assume they have to get a general dentist to refer them to a dental implant specialist for this cosmetic treatment. Dr. Feiz is one of Southern California’s leading cosmetic specialists, as well as one of the most trusted general dentists. When you set up an appointment at one of his locations, he will examine your overall oral health, including x-rays, then work with you to achieve your perfect smile. If you want dental veneers, he will discuss his high-quality biocompatible veneers with you, as well as other options.

Don’t sit in traffic just to get the cosmetic dentistry you want. The best cosmetic dentist Los Angelesrelies on is also one of the leading general dentists in the area – Dr. Feiz and his team at California Dental Care in West Los Angeles, and the Calabasas Dental Group in Calabasas!