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Initial Oral Exam & Consult

At Feiz Dental, our lead dentist Dr. Feiz will perform an initial oral exam and consultation for each patient. During the initial examination, the esteemed dentist will visually evaluate your mouth, assess your oral health and offer solutions that promote your optimal health and assure an aesthetically pleasing smile. The thorough examination from Dr. Feiz often includes x-rays to  determine the health of the internal jaw structures, gums and teeth.

As an acclaimed expert with over 20 years of experience as a leading dentist, Dr. Feiz has become renowned for providing effective health solutions and aesthetic procedures, in the comfortable friendly offices of Calabasas and West Los Angeles. After a full medical/health evaluation of your mouth, including any needed x-rays, Dr. Feiz will make his recommendations for your optimal oral health and beauty. Once the consultation is complete, patients return for follow-up treatments, cleanings and regular checkups as prescribed by Dr. Feiz.