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Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist

If you are looking for the best cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, you do not have to look further than Calabasas Dental Group and California Dental Care! Dr. Farzad Feiz and his associate, Dr. Hoda Kamjoo, have been committed to giving their patients the healthiest and most beautiful smiles possible since 1992. They have a vast amount of experience in general dentistry but are celebrated for their fabulous aesthetic dentistry in Los Angeles.

We offer the finest services of any Los Angeles cosmetic dentist including:

White Fillings
Any top cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles knows that, when it comes to beautiful teeth, the devil is very definitely in the details. Ordinary metal fillings may do the job in terms of preserving our teeth, but all we have to do is open our mouth wide and that metal can become all too visible. White fillings, however, are made from composite materials that match the color of your teeth. They reallly can do a great deal contribute to a beautiful smile.

Bridge Work
Few things are less attractive for your smile, and unhealthier for your mouth, than missing teeth which can contribute to a host of problems, including bone loss. While dentures are one possibility, dental bridges which are connected to intact teeth are very often a preferable option. These are more permanent, and usually more comfortable, solutions. An outstanding Los Angeles cosmetic dentist at our offices can consult with you on the best possible replacement for missing teeth.

When teeth are crooked and misshapen, a highly skilled cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles at our offices can use a number of techniques to better align teeth. This type of procedure is surprisingly comfortable and relatively simple.

Gum Surgery
Periodontal problems bring with them a host of unpleasant and sometimes dangerous impacts, ranging from bad breath to an increased risk of heart disease. From a cosmetic viewpoint, they can also contribute to recission, in which the teeth appear unpleasantly elongated. The successful gum surgery performed at our offices in Calabasas and West Los Angeles is one reason why'we known as the place to find the kind of dentist Culver City and Woodland Hills residents agree is the very best.

Custom-Made Dentures
While bridge work and other solutions are increasingly common, we are also the Los Angeles cosmetic dentist for custom dentures. Many patients prefer the lower cost and also the simplicity of this approach. We pride ourselves on listening to our patients preferences and then doing the very best job possible.

Orthodontia is among the most common areas of interest for people seeking out the best in cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles. Today there are more approaches to teeth straightening than ever before. This includes options that provide faster results than ever. Today's orthodontia doesn't have to take fact, outstanding results are often possible within a matter of months.

We offer the full range of cosmetic dentistry at both our West L.A. and San Fernando Valley offices. Whether you're intereted in teeth whitening and veneers in Los Angeles, feel free to contact us to make an appointment at any time.