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Full Service Dentist for All Your Needs

If you’re in charge of a busy household, you know more than most how difficult it can be to take charge of your family’s dental needs. Many dentist’s offices don’t accept the entire family, from children to the elderly. Then if you’re in need of specialty dental care, such as orthodontic treatments or sleep apnea devices, you have to find a completely different Los Angeles cosmetic dentist office. However, Calabasas Dental Group and California Dental Care is the one stop dental shop that works for the entire family.

Dr. Farzad Feiz is the brilliant mind behind Calabasas Dental Group and California Dental Care. Since 1992, he’s been considered perhaps the best family dentist in Los Angeles, providing a large selection of services. No longer will you need to go to a couple of different dentist’s offices to get the excellent dental health help that you need for the entire family to have top notch oral hygiene. Dr. Feiz offers services like bondings, bridges, dentures, crowns, teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants, deep cleanings, root canals, and much more. We also have connections to oral surgeons, orthodontists, endodontists, and periodontists who can perform necessary treatments in our offices.

When you’re looking for the best West Los Angeles and Calabasas dental team, look no further than Calabasas Dental Group and California Dental Care. The friendly dental team is committed to providing the most comfortable and skilled oral hygiene care for the whole family. It’s never been easier to keep up good dental hygiene for the entire family. Call our offices today to set up an appointment for any dental needs at (310)955-4008.