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Exceptional Dental Care for the Whole Family

These days, many parents bring their children to pediatric dental specialist at separate offices from where they themselves receive their dental care. The only problem with this practice is that kids often get anxious about having to go to a different dentist or doctor than their parents. Going to the same clinic that your child does can create a sense of solidarity and comfort for children. That is why going to a family dentist in Los Angeles like Dr. Farzad Feiz at Calabasas Dental Group and California Dental Care is a great option for any parent looking for a way to alleviate some of the anxiety that their child feels about the dentist.

In addition to providing regular check-ups, Dr. Feiz also encourages new patients to get a deep cleaning in Los Angeles to make-up for lost time if they have neglected their dental care in the past. This deep cleaning is not an end-all solution, but rather a starter kit to getting on the right track toward strong oral health. By making regular appointments with Dr. Feiz, you can both help your own health, while establishing a good precedent for your kids to look up to.

While Dr. Feiz is most highly regarded for his work with general dentistry in Los Angeles, many of Dr. Feiz’s patients primarily come to Calabasas Dental Group and California Dental Care because of his skill as a cosmetic dentist. He is able to perform all of the most sought after procedures including placing veneers and whitening teeth to give patients a bright, beautiful smile.