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A West Los Angeles Dentist Your Family Can Trust!

West LA Family DentistChoosing someone to care for the teeth of you and your family is no small matter, wherever you live. If you’re seeking out an outstanding West Los Angeles dentist, it’s hard to do better than Dr. Farzad Feiz of California Dental Care on Santa Monica Blvd. Just as good, San Fernando Valley residents can take advantage of the doctor’s talents at his Calabasas Dental Group offices on West Agoura Road.

This is important because finding a single doctor who has the skills and abilities to care for every member of your family can be a challenge. From working with young children to the eldest members of your family, Dr. Feiz boasts years of experience performing the full range of dental services for patients of all ages and from many walks of life. Whether you’re looking for a West Los Angeles/Santa Monica dentist  or one based in the Western SFV, Dr. Feiz’s offices are outstanding choices for everything from cosmetic dentistry and orthodontia, periodontal treatment, dental implants, to teeth cleanings and regular examinations to stop dental issues from happening before they start.

Dr. Feiz knows that the job of a truly comprehensive San Fernando Valley and West L.A. dentist is to make his patients’ lives easier by providing them with dental “one-stop shopping” that covers the majority of dental care issues for all members of their family. Whatever you and your family’s personal dental needs are and whatever location is more convenient for you, contact us today at one of the phone numbers on this page or by e-mail.