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A Family Dentist in Los Angeles for Every Age

Junior need braces, Dad needs a tooth cleaning, and Mom needs a cavity filled. Why go to three separate dentists, when you could visit Farzad Feiz, DDS? Dr. Feiz founded both the Calabasas Dental Group and California Dental Care to provide unparalleled dental care to residents all over the greater Los Angeles area. He is a leading family dentist in Los Angeles. When Dr. Feiz says “family dentist,” he really does mean the whole family! From braces to dentures, Dr. Feiz and his team can do it all.

Dr. Feiz is also a well-respected expert in cosmetic dentistry Calabasas and West Los Angeles residents want. Veneers, whitening, and bondings are only the start of the procedures that Dr. Feiz can perform. He also specializes in restorative procedures like complete and partial bridges and dentures, crowns, and inlays. There are all kinds of reasons a patient might want a cosmetic procedure. Everyone wants their smile to be the best it possibly can be – for some people, a whitening and a couple of veneers can even out teeth, and brighten the entire face. For others, injury or illness could have led to damage to the teeth, gums, or jaw. Dr. Feiz not only offers superficial oral treatments, but can rebuild the whole smile from the roots up.

If you are interested in a smile makeover, contact Dr. Feiz at either convenient location – Calabasas Dental Group and California Dental Care. Whether you’re seeking a family dentist in Calabasas with a long record of success, or an expert cosmetic dentist in West Los Angeles, look no further than Dr. Feiz.